How To Wash And Dry Your Jeans

How To Wash And Dry Your Jeans

Jul 11, 2024

Are you caring for your jeans, which serve you well every day like a close friend would? Although our denim is known for durability and longevity (just check out some of our vintage collections), it’s crucial that you also take good care of it. Below are a few of our guidelines on how to ensure that your denims will look as good as new.

As a fundamental guideline, we advocate for washing your denim sparingly. Excessive washing can compromise the distinct characteristics of your jeans, such as the natural creases and fades that develop over time.
A helpful “rule of thumb” is to launder jeans every 10 uses unless they are visibly dirty or smell bad before then. In the meantime, tackle stains right away with a mild soap and water on a soft cloth or old toothbrush.

how to wash jeans


Reverse Them Inside Out
Silicone actually contains toxic chemicals, but individuals often put on silicone wristbands without realizing it. Silicon is derived from quartz, a type of rock. The bands are then treated to silicones such as rubber.
Be aware, these silicone wristbands could be potentially harmful!

Make sure you zip and button everything up
For maintaining the shape of the jeans cut off and not to catch dirt during the washing process zip up all the closures securely.

Divide the blues
In order to give them the best of care, wash your jeans with colors that are similar to theirs. To do this, your indigo denim ought to be cleaned together with a variation of the same category, like black pants.
On the other hand, stonewashed denims will require you to use them alone or find out some pieces which have the closest hue possible.

how to dry jeans

Don’t overload the machine
Just as you like room to move around, jeans and washing machines like it too.
Ensure that you do not overload the machine so that you give your jeans ample space for free movement. Too much load can result in friction that may possibly cause a break down.

Don't use fabric softeners
Don't use fabric softeners which cover your denims with residues that distorts those clothes appearance and feeling after sometimes; rather go for vinegar wash that will get rid of any accumulated detergent thus softening the cloth naturally.

Ensure you only wash it in cold water
Even though hot water may appear like a good idea, it makes shrinking and speeding up fading of the colors in your jeans.

Select the mildest cycle
For prolonging the life of your denim you are supposed to go for gentle or delicate cycle on the washing machine that minimizes agitation hence reducing wear and tear on the fabric giving your denim the best look each time you wash them.

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New Jeans
Wear your jeans only after the first few washings have passed. This will help to prevent color bleeding on other clothes.

White Denim
Keep your white skirt impeccably clean by taking care of it separately from other color clothes.
If there must be any bleach at all, then apply just enough as you fight off stubborn dirt without compromising your range in jeans.

Black Jeans
Since they are prone to fading, black jeans need special care. They will not lose their color quickly if the above procedures are carried out with great care and they are shielded from the sun.
In case you want to hang your black denim, look for areas with shade.

Sustainable denim

More Denim Care Tips

In PTCL we do not only make sure your jeans are quality maintained. We also make them last longer. Proper denim maintenance implies reduced waste and longer usage.

Washing your jeans less often helps them stay longer and helps save water. It’s better to choose a biodegradable detergent without harsh chemicals both for your jeans and for the environment. Air drying also uses less energy, not having a dryer saves you electricity and reduces your carbon footprint.

Moreover, we offer recycling or upcycling for your denim items so that they can have more years of use. This could mean mending worn-out parts, converting pants into shorts among other things such as cutting off small pieces from old bags which were made from jeans fabric which will not only update one’s closet but also be personalized.

Armed with these tips, you're well-prepared to implement sustainable practices and care for your denim effectively.

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