Сircular Fashion: The Shopping Сoncept That Сould Save The Planet

Сircular Fashion: The Shopping Сoncept That Сould Save The Planet

Jul 02, 2024

Sustainability has never been more important to shoppers and the fashion industry. This generation is deeply concerned about the planet; while we might have enjoyed the unusually warm temperatures in February, we understand the underlying reasons are troubling. We don’t want small animals choking on plastics in our oceans, and we believe it's unacceptable that Arctic ice is now tainted with chunks of polystyrene. The fact that 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes are discarded, not recycled, every year is inexcusable.

It is clear that there is a surge in the number of ethical and environmentally friendly branded products on the market these days. Can we really combine the concept of style with durability?
The new term “circular fashion” is now being used within the industry to signify an alternative approach that allows customers to become environmentally sustainable while still having trendy garments.


Sustainable denim


This new approach derived from principles underlining circular economics tries minimizing wastage while optimizing resource use. In doing so, its main point of departure lies within reexamining how things are produced, consumed as well as disposed after use.

Embracing Ethical Consumption and Sustainability in Today’s Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has come under intense scrutiny as consumers shift towards more ethical and mindful shopping habits. The need for something new; or just an idle purchase of a dress on Friday night; has serious implications. Clothing items are ending up worn for shorter periods of time and thrown away at a higher rate than ever before. Can large chains on the high street adopt circular fashion? For the purposes of this article, we will use one of the large brand’s case study.

The aim of big corporations is to ensure that all raw materials used come from sustainable sources by 2030 as well as become climate-positive by 2040. Is this goal too ambitious though? They have taken some immediate actions towards this end like; concentrating on utilizing recyclable substance in their clothes making besides ensuring that such clothes last longer when worn; besides concentrating on sustainable production systems especially in terms of chemicals.



They was amongst the first retailers who initiated in-store recycling program where customers were given a five pounds voucher for returning old clothes for recycling. The action they have taken shows that this is a company which has planted its feet firmly on the ground when it comes to turning waste material into useful products especially through fashion accessories. But what about others such as fast food industry? When talking about an example of large companies through big companies like them who can integrate sustainable practices into their processes; necessarily meaning avoiding fast fashion polluting our surroundings but at the same also making profit.

Future of Fashion with PTCL's Sustainable Denim

The use of ethical textiles and the use of very careful procedures of manufacturing make sustainable clothes costly. Shopaholics can see good results when they shop for such clothes unlike others who see the expensive side of them. However, there are brands which choose sustainability for their guiding principle with an emphasis on it as their utmost policy. PTCL exemplifies this commitment with our sustainable denim fashion, ensuring every garment meets rigorous standards of environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing.


Sustainable denim buy

We believe that fashion’s time to come should be circular at PTCL. Reducing our environmental footprint is not the only thing that concerns us, with that, we need to make a positive impact.
We start down the road to sustainability by choosing eco-friendly materials and using advanced manufacturing methods that minimize waste or resource consumption. We select organic cotton, recycled fibers form among others as the only ones that will adhere to our designs yet remain sustainable.

When you choose PTCL, you promote a brand, which integrates sustainability into all its operations. Our denim collections are designed to reflect current fashions and exemplify commitment towards saving the environment for children. We therefore welcome you to check out our e-store as every buy you make takes us closer to making fashion more environmentally viable.

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